Compulsory Basic Testing (CBT)

This course is compulsory for anyone wishing to take their test or would like to ride up to a 125 cc with L-Plates.

The course was introduced in 1990 in order to make sure that even the novice riders have a reasonable standard of safety awareness and control before they attempt to ride on the road.

The CBT is not a test so you cannot fail, however you do have to demonstrate your competence before you are issued with a certificate.

This course is generally completed in one full day, occasionally pupils have to come back a second time but this is not a problem. In Crewe we conduct these courses on Saturdays and Sundays only.  In Newcastle we do most days.

The first part of the course is held off road. You will be asked to read a number plate at 20.5 meters, we then show you around the bike, explain the controls and how they operate, there is a discussion on protective clothing, road riding and road safety. Once you have an idea of how the controls work you will then go on to do some simple manoeuvres on the playground using the controls and getting used to the bike.

Once you have covered all the relevant manoeuvres safely you then proceed to complete the on-road training.  First of all you will cover left and right turns, then roundabouts, town riding, hill starts, U-turns and emergency stops. This part of the training will last a minimum of two hours and once you reach the required standard you will be issued with a CBT certificate. This is valid for two years.

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